Free email signature template


Struggling to create a really slick email signature? You see them come into your inbox daily, those eye catching email signatures that look on-brand, crisp, uncluttered and have all the bells and whistles. The good news is, you can create ...


Adobe Acrobat showing thick "L" and "I" characters


If you you opened a PDF and you're seeing some characters looking slightly thicker or bolder, then this article will help you solve the problem. It's a common problem when viewing PDF files on screen. The issue is created when ...


Local Citations for your business


Citations are important to your local rankings in Google. Being listed on third-party sites (AKA citation sources) can help you attract customers from a wide variety of sources and imporove your website visibilty. What is a citation? A citation is ...


Designing for the top fold


There is a lot of talk about the "top fold" or the "first screen pull" and how far uses travel vertically down the page to read content on a page. Indeed you see advice from some leading authorities about "eyeball ...


Adobe Business Catalyst End of Life


On Monday, 26th March 2018, we received word in an abrupt, unexpected announcement from Adobe, that Business Catalyst web hosting service (where we host many websites) will reach it’s end of life cycle as of March 26, 2020 September 26, ...


Pay Pal Account Types (Personal, Business or Premier)


The three PayPal account types differ in some important ways. All have access to PayPal's core features, which include: Send Money Request Money Auction Tools Website Payments Money Market Virtual Debit Card Account Insurance E-mail Customer service Personal Pay Pal ...