Adobe Business Catalyst End of Life


On Monday, 26th March 2018, we received word in an abrupt, unexpected announcement from Adobe, that Business Catalyst web hosting service (where we host many websites) will reach it’s end of life cycle as of March 26, 2020 September 26, 2021. (extended by Adobe April 2020 - see more). This impacts over a portion of our clients and many websites world-wide. We have officially been a Premium Partner with Adobe Business Catalyst since 2009.

Our strategy was to notify our clients about this change, reaching out to our clients individually, but since the announcement some unscrupulous agencies and social media posts are spreading both panic and opportunistic and self-serving messages about the closure of Adobe Business Catalyst

Pixel Portal currently hosts many websites through Adobe Business Catalyst and have been working with our clients and their business needs to develop the best strategy for each site and the best time for the business to manage a migration to another hosting platform.

Change brings new beginnings

Since the announcement on 26th March 2018, the Business Catalyst Partner and developer community has taken immediate action to develop some options for partners to assist their client base to move forward with their websites. Today, we have partnered with a variety of platforms to offer our clients that fill all functionality available on Adobe Business Catalyst. There's a lot to investigate. From how your customers interact with your website, to how your website works inside your business and how we work together on your business challenges. We’re about making life easier for everyone, including giving you our advice in making this important choice.

Some key points to remember

  • There still time between now and September 2021 to make change and plan to migrate or rebuild your website, however time is of the essence. There are better platforms with smarter more advanced content management tools to help you with your website.
  • If you are are still hosting with Adobe Business Catalyst, your website still functions the same way as it always has, this does not change. Be aware you dealing with older technology and less functionality that newer platforms offer.
  • We consider this a strategic planning issue for your business. Is it time to redesign and rethink your online strategy? 
  • Other changes occurring online such as faster, better frameworks or tools and technology to drive your website, changes on Google, these are other reasons l to review your website strategy.

Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions. Just click the link below and we will schedule an appointment to discuss this with you.


Link to notification from Adobe

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