7 Google Business Page images to get you more visiblity


Wondering how Google Business Pages display images? Here's 7 tips about what Google recommends you do and don't post when it comes to displaying images on your own Google Business page -

  1. Exterior Photos: If you have a bricks and mortar location for your business - ie a shopfront or office premises etc. then take at least 3 top images of the exterior of your shop or business location.  Choose images carefully and think more like someone looking at these images to get a clear idea of where your business is located on the street, what your business does.  Take the images so they are different - for example, one of the front of the shopfront, parking area, angle from the street. Get creative! To get Google to love your images, make sure they're really clear and strongly represent your business.
  2. Interior Photos: Add at least three interior photos of your business. This might be the shop products area.
  3. Product Photos:  Add photos of the most popular products and/or services you sell.
  4. Common Area Photos: If you have a reception or payment area, upload at least one photo
  5. Management Team Profile Photos: Smile!  It's time to get images of your management team onto your Google Business Page.  A great way to represent the people leading your business. 
  6. Food and Drink Photos: If you are a bar or restaurant, upload images of your most popular drinks and food. 
  7. Accommodation Photos: If you are a hotel, guesthouse, bed and breakfast,  upload pictures of your rooms.

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Avoid these types of photos Google My Business Photos

So you're probably wondering what you can't post or what Google may not display.  Make sure your images are on topic or relevant to the business.  Images that may not be published include - 

  1. Stock photos. Google is smart and will recognise stock style images. Best to be real, get some top shots and upload them.
  2. Images with patterns and your logo mark might not be published publicly.  An easy trap to fall into as most of us want to upload our branded content that includes our logo.  Use the logo area on your Google Business page to upload your brand mark.
  3. Animated GIF files
  4. Screen shots
  5. Excessively dark or blurry images
  6. Significantly rotated compositions
  7. Use of filters that dramatically alter the representation
  8. Low resolution images (too small, not high enough number of pixels)
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