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Wire-Not Electrical are are your local, trusted Brisbane Electrician. They've been dedicated to serving their Brisbane customer base for more than 20 years with their electrical services for residential, commercial and construction spaces. Silver Master Electrician, ARC Approved Airconditioning and refrigeration Licensed providers, and Clean Energy Council Accredited Installers, they are more than just a electricians — they are promise of quality, service and experience based right in Geebung on Brisbane's North-side. They don't just fix problems or repair and replace, they craft solutions that stand the test of time.

Ask Wire-Not about Air Conditioning Service, Brisbane. They can install, service and provide ongoing maintenance for your ducted air conditioning or split systems.


Located in Brisbane Northside, Wire-Not Electrical is the leading electrician, Geebung on Brisbane's Northside. When the dynamic duo, Andrew and Sarah Reilly, reached out to us, they expressed concerns about their website's performance and its visibility in search results. They were keen on enhancing their online presence and ensuring their goals were met.

We took a deep dive with a comprehensive website audit. Our findings highlighted areas of improvement, particularly in content optimisation. Leveraging Google's best practices, we revamped their website to not only be search-engine friendly but also user-centric. Our primary objective was to make it seamless for potential clients to connect with Wire-Not Electrical and avail their services.

Our collaboration with Sarah and Andrew extended beyond just website optimisation. We enhanced their on-page SEO, boosted their local citations, and refined their Google Business Profile. This has given them a robust online foundation that truly represents the excellence of Wire-Not Electrical, where we can continue to work with them to grow their visibility.

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